What do I want you to know about HBOT?

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December 12, 2021

What do I really want people to understand about HBOT?

 I want you to understand normal physiology. That red blood cells(RBC) carry oxygen(O2), but they have limitations. The first is that we only have a certain amount of RBC’s and they typically already maxed out in how much oxygen each RBC can carry. Also that RBC’s have limitations in where they can travel in our body. They are much bigger than oxygen as each RBC can carry over 1 billion O2 molecules. Since RBC are much bigger and rely on healthy circulation, they can’t move as well through areas of injury where inflammation and other factors my impede normal blood flow, limiting oxygen delivery and therefore healing. Oxygen makes energy, that’s why we need it for healing injured tissue, growing new tissue, and just to maintain normal function of cells, tissues and organs. 

Also part of normal physiology is that we are constantly turn on and off genes, that are short segments of DNA, known as genetic expression. The environment around us impacts which genes we turn off and which we turn on. Basically you don’t want all your DNA turned on and expressed at once! Kind of like we don’t show people all of who we are initially. Specifically high oxygen and high pressure turn on genes that stimulate growth and repair and suppress chronic inflammation. This results in long-term changes and substantial, healthy shifts in how quickly our body heals. 

 With HBOT, you still have RBC cells carrying oxygen, but with the pressure, oxygen molecules are able to dissolve directly into the plasma, or fluid portion of our blood where there typically aren’t many O2 molecules. Our plasma is over 50%  of the volume of our blood, so there’s lots of room and we can increase oxygen up to 1200% if pressure is high enough. Not only does it go into our plasma, but into all fluids of our body and can travel deeper and farther into our cells, tissues and organs as a result of increased pressure. And, because they’re so small, they can travel into areas where blood flow is restricted. This results in faster, efficient healing of injured tissue, returning it to normal so that we don’t require HBOT anymore. Healthy gene expression changes through HBOT are happening in each cell, 8101 genes multiplied by trillions! And they are activated by high pressure and oxygen, resulting in growth and repair, while turning off chronic inflammation. One example of this is how we make new blood vessels through HBOT. By turning on specific genes, we send signals known as growth factors to our injured regions to make new blood vessels that provide long-term blood flow and oxygen for healthy function.