Not every condition has a name or a diagnosis

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October 5, 2013

We evaluate many patients who have often seen a variety of practitioners with little to no help.  These people have been labeled with a diagnosis, but are still without answers.  Functional Neurology is able to explain and treat many of these conditions, but laying the label of vertigo, Migraines, Headaches, Non-epileptic seizures, et cetera, hardly defines what you're experiencing.  There are often a myriad of components involved, including neurological signaling/patterning errors, postural/joint dysfunction, muscular weakness, chemical imbalance (neurotransmitter, hormonal), nutritional deficit and stress that comprise "vertigo" or "ADHD" or "migraines," therefore it is more important to diagnose the cause(s) of your condition, rather than worry about what it's called.  The world of Funcitonal Neurology is vast and much of it is still unexplored.