When a Doctor bulges their disc, what do they do?

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October 29, 2014

About a month ago, I was performing deadlifts at the gym, and apparently doing them incorrectly. I felt a pull in my lower back, having realized immediately what I may have done- I discontinued my workout. I was hoping I didn't bulge a disc, but the symptoms were consistent with a bulge, and unfortunately, I was right. I had created a disc bulge at the L5/S1 disc level, the lowest disc and most common to injure. I immediately seeked evaluation by my colleagues at Portland Chiropractic Neurology and we discovered the issue.

We began to treat it just as I do to my patients, applying treatment from a multi-dimensional approach:

1) Applying lumbar disc decompression to restore normal disc health

2) Electrical muscle stimulation to improve blood flow and pump out inflammation-promoting healing

3) Cold laser therapy to increase metabolic activity within the surrounding soft tissue, including muscle, ligament and disc

4) Specific neurological chiropractic adjustments to restore motion to the vertebrae

5) Active Release to Iliopsoas and Percussor therapy to lumbar parapsinals and gluteal muscles. 


Within 10 days I was feeling like myself again, and within three weeks I was perfectly healthy. In fact, taking the time to work on myself actually made me healthier than I was before. I could move better, wake up without pain, run faster, enjoy my job without pain. Overall, I was thankful that I had done that, or I wouldn't have felt as good as I do now. Sometimes us Doctors do not take the time to work on ourselves, as we are always putting our efforts towards others, but it is important to take the time to treat yourself to a healthier you. 

Oh, and I have since learned how to do deadlifts correctly- light weight, careful reps and perfect form.