Why Chiropractic Neurology is your answer for Cluster Headaches

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November 13, 2014

Cluster Headaches are known as a neurovascular headache (which most headaches truly are if you understand neurology). They also go by Histamine headaches. These headaches are extremely debilitating, affecting one side of the head/face, particularly in and around the orbit, or eye. These headaches can be so bad that people often have thoughts of suicide. They come in clusters, as their name implies, creating relentless pain for the unfortunate individuals suffering. Oxygen seems to be helpful for many of these patients, but often is only temporary.

At our office, we have discovered that the C1 vertebrae is largely to blame for the appearance of cluster headaches. As this vertebrae undergoes a juxtapositional shift, creating compression of blood vessels and nerves exiting that region, we see a referral of pain into the eye on that same side. Improving oxygenation through regaining appropriate rib and thoracic motion is essential to the treatment of these individuals. Through specific treatments to this region, combining Chiropractic Neurological care, Functional Neurology, Physical Therapy (via cervical decompression, cold laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, percussor therapy, active release of muscles, et cetera) and Nutrition we are able to maintain a high level of results with these patients who are so desperately looking for relief. Located at 959 congress st, Portland ME, 04102, we are happy to offer this treatment as a tremendous option for those suffering.