Chiropractic Neurology: The New Model

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November 21, 2014

Why a new model? Well, I think we can all agree that, while pharmaceuticals and surgical intervention are appropriate in some situations, the majority of issues cannot be solved with those approaches. We must ask ourselves, are people better off after surgery? Are we truly better off taking drugs for mood, attention, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety? The answer is yes in some cases and no in others. I am joined by many others who are understanding that this may not be our best, first solution. We need to flip our normal procedure, instead of starting with drugs and surgery, let's end there if it is necessary. I find that patients do the best with those treatments as it was truly appropriate for them. 

Every Non-Pathological, Neuromusculoskeletal disorder includes aspects of Joint, Muscle and Nerve, as they are inseparable, contributing to normal function of all biomechanics within the body.

Chiropractic Neurology: The New Model, looks at each condition from a 360 degree perspective, utilizing an indepth understanding and training in Functional Neurology, Biomechanical(Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Exercise Science) and Nutritional Perspectives to make the right diagnosis and treatment plan. It states that we can no longer evaluate and treat one system at a time, but instead, we must incorporate multiple disciplines to address multiple causes of the issue in order to re-establish Neuroplasticity, or a change in the brain or nervous system.

Functional Neurology tackles the nerve aspect of the Nerve, Joint, Muscle complex, by looking at patterns and signals of dysfunction within the neural network that comprises our brain and nervous system. An interconnected network of fiberoptics (axons, dendrites and cell bodies) that control every cell in the human body- carrying messages to and from the brain and body. Muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons are all made up of trillions of little receptors that are responsible for sending information from our body to the brain- they are the starting point. So, you see, we must have the appropriate patterns within our brain and nervous system in order for us to stand up straight, balance muscle tension, keep equilibrum, move our eyes to the appropriate target without becoming dizzy, not get headaches/migraines, think happy thoughts, be a contributing member of society (took some liberty in my word usage). 

Physical Therapy is extremely important because it targets the muscular aspect of the Nerve, Joint, Muscle complex. Allowing for normal posturing, Joint positioning and support of that new position, supporting structures that need to be maintained to keep a healthy body

Chiropractic Care improves the joint aspect of the Nerve, Joint, Muscle complex, providing structural motion within the human body, which is essential to a thriving receptor pool, sending messages to the brain about where our joints, muscles and body position is in space. This is essential for muscular health as muscles only contract or relax and thus are dependent upon moving joints to allow normal function. 

Nutrition is important as it creates fuel for our body to work. You're only as good as what you eat. If you choose to fill yourself with healthy products, then you will function better. The opposite is also true. 

The New Model is the start of a great revolution that we will be seeing in healthcare, combining specialties and disciplines to better serve humanity, as we need to work as a team, utilizing each other's knowledge and understanding, because nobody understands it all. 

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