Falling into the mental rut of winter in Maine: What can I do?

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February 9, 2015

We all fall into that slightly depressed mentality during those long, cold, snowy winter months. It's unavoidable if you choose the Maine lifestyle, which has many rewards for those who can deal with a few dark wintery months. What can we do to help, though? Nutritionally, Vitamin D, Fish oils and smaller portions of organic red meats 3-4 times per week (6 oz each) are very important in the reduction of depression. Mulit-vitamins are helpful, but you may want to receive a full Functional Medicine evaluation to determine your true nutritional inadequacies. Some of us have a slightly above normal depression sensation and sometimes need for neurological workups, along with psychiatric or medical intervention. However, that being said, anti-depressants are not something we often support except for some more severe cases that need medical intervention- suicidal thoughts, deep depression, et cetera. Brain activation and spinal activity, whether through Chiropractic or Physical Therapy, movement of the spine to activate the brain is very important. Acupuncture and Massage can be very helpful as well. Essentially, our brain is not activated at the same rate that it is in the spring, summer and fall months due to lack of vitamin D and overall sunlight effect on the brain. We are not as active, so that precious gym time is even more necessary in the winter, and may be something you want to do more than you usually would. Deep, belly or diaphragmatic breathing is well connected with reducing depression. There are plenty of ways to supplement throughout the winter, eat well and keep your activity up and you'll be fine. We all go through this rotation and we all pop out of it. As the ancient Chinese cultures, and many other cultures understood, there is always a Ying and a Yang. For all the low points, there are the higher, blissful times.