Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Neurological conditions and Brain Injury

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April 5, 2016

It is widely understood that oxygen is important in our body's innate healing mechanisms. What isn't understood is that even though we are breathing, oxygen is not perfusing areas of the body sufficient for optimal function and healing. Our brain, specifically the autonomic nervous system, regulates where blood flow will be increased or decreased in response to metabolic demand. What if the brain is injured? We often lose our ability to provide appropriate amounts of oxygen to the brain and various other structures to the body when the master system, our nervous system, is damaged. This is extremely common, as seen in many clinics dealing with neurological conditions and TBI/concussion. The brain requires fuel and activation to maintain normal function and to create neuroplasticity, or growth. Oxygen and nutrition are the main constituents. The activation occurs via normal activities of daily living, i.e. gravity, vision, proprioception, et cetera. Therefore, we must address the oxgyen issue. 

We now understand that Mild Hyperbaric Oxyen Therapy (mHBOT) is a way to provide oxygen to starving organs and structures within the body. Under normal conditions, we rely on red blood cells solely to carry oxygen to various tissues of the body. With the use of Hyperbaric therapy, or under pressure, oxygen is readily absorbed into our bodily fluids, such as in plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph, joint fluid and bone marrow (mobilizing/activating stem cells). In fact, it is shown to increase penetration into our body tissues up to 400% at 1.3 ATA. This is extremely important for healing the areas surrounding primary brain injury, often known as the 'grey area,' that are affected, but reversible. 

We often see tremendous changes on brain scans (SPECT/PET) imaging and neurological testing after HBOT, with patient symptoms reducing, considerably. HBOT is shown to decrease inflammation, improve vascular formation, increase mitochondrial biogenesis, attenuate brain injury, mobilize stem cells and antimicrobial effect. 

We are pleased to offer this therapy to the state of Maine, located in the greater Portland area. As the only Chiropractic Neurology practice in the state, we strive to stay current with the most up to date and effective treatment options for our patients.