Chiropractic in Pregnancy: The Webster Technique

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June 5, 2020

Chiropractic in Pregnancy: The Webster Technique

Nothing causes a life change quite like a pregnancy.  Making sure the physical needs of the baby will be met with all of the newborn supplies, clothing and furniture.  Rearranging schedules to be sure the baby is cared for at all times.  Baby-proofing the house to keep the newest addition safe from harm.  Learning how to put the car seat in the car safely and securely (a Ph D in mechanical engineering can be helpful with this last one). 

And of course, preparing for the birth process itself. 

You may have your birth planned down to the minute with every thing specified to your intensely researched desires.  Or you may have more of a “whatever happens, happens” approach.  It does not matter.  It will be a magnificent experience; one not likely to be forgotten anytime soon.  Especially when your teenager starts testing their boundaries of sarcasm and freedom, at which time you can remind them of how they first came to be in this world… in exquisite detail.

But back to the birth itself.  Chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy can be truly helpful to this process.  Won’t it hurt the baby?  Is it safe?  Will it hurt me?  Why in the world would I see a chiropractor for pregnancy – aren’t they only good at dealing with neck and back pain?

The short answers to these very valid and common questions: No. Yes.  No.  Yes, we are excellent at dealing with spinal and extremity pain and dysfunction, and a properly trained and Webster Technique certified chiropractor can not only help with the discomfort as your body changes while growing life, but it can help your pelvis prepare for the birth.

Yes, that’s right!  Imagine trying to walk through a doorway that is too wide, but not tall enough.  Or too tall and not wide enough.  Or one that is just plain wonky and a bit rotated.  Yikes!  Not so easy, right?

Now envision the bony parts of your pelvis that the baby is to be pushed through being misaligned like these doorways.  If this space is not an ideal shape due to pelvic bone restrictions, this is what can delay labor, cause the baby distress, be painful for the mother and, if the baby cannot make it through the canal safely, a surgical intervention.  And this is where your chiropractor can help with your birth.  Doesn’t a smooth vaginal birth without back labor, where the baby doesn’t “get stuck” progressing through the birth canal sound pretty enticing? 

The Webster Technique is a very safe and gentle technique that helps prepare your pelvis for the very physical act of birth by ensuring the pelvic bones are aligned normally so that the pelvis may open evenly, as well as addressing the soft tissues around the area.  It is also great at relieving pain from round ligament tension, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, symphysis pubis dysfunction, and lower back pain.  While it is not a technique to specifically “turn” a baby in a breech position, it has been shown to help encourage the baby to reposition itself by freeing up restrictions in the pelvis and the soft tissues attached.  And best of all – it is safe and gentle.

Dr. Cooper has been utilizing this technique for over 5 years and has seen it help many expectant mothers not only through their pregnancies, but it also is great in the post-partum period for restoring normal pelvic function as the ligaments return to their usual tension after the birth.  Even if a cesarean section is planned or occurs, this specific chiropractic adjustment can still be beneficial to the comfort of both the mother and baby for all of the same reasons. 

If you or someone you know is trying to start a family, is currently expecting or even has children, but continues to suffer from low back or pelvic pain, let them know they have an option. 

For more information on the Webster Technique, research on chiropractic and pregnancy, and to find a Webster Technique certified chiropractor near you visit: