Why is Portland Chiropractic Neurology Different: An emerging paradigm in healthcare

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June 8, 2020

We are a large team that has a wide array of knowledge within chiropractic, neurology, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutrition, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. This allows us to provide better care for our patients as we work as a team to understand the proper diagnosis and treatment for your particular complaint. We are one of the few practices in New England that incorporates such a large staff within chiropractic and functional neurology and the results speak for themselves. One person cannot do, or know it all; therefore, we share in the responsibility of our patients’ care so that they can expect the best possible prognosis. Our training in neurology is extensive and creates an opportunity to treat musculoskeletal injuries with ease. It is very important to understand the broader neurological function of the body when treating pain. More importantly, it allows for a broader scope of treatment for neurological conditions. All doctors within our practice are board certified in neurology through American Chiropractic Neurology Board. We received our training through the Carrick Institute, which is a three-year program that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of functional neurological conditions. Functional neurology is the treatment of neurological issues without drugs or surgery, often with co-treatment along with your specialist. 
If you have neurological symptoms but your MRI/CT scans are relatively normal, sometimes the only treatment offered is temporary relief from medications. You would be a perfect candidate for functional neurology. 
Many of our doctors also hold fellowships in vestibular rehabilitation and mild traumatic brain injury (concussion). Most of these programs are intensive 2-3 year programs that require frequent traveling and time away from our families to learn the latest and most effective diagnosis and treatment strategies. This allows us to constantly improve, rather than becoming anecdotal. All doctors are encouraged to and often spend 3-5x as much post-doctoral training than is minimally required, which is evidenced by our results as we are constantly improving and understand that we’ve never learned enough and new concepts are always emerging. Most of this training is centered around Neurology, but we also spend much time learning new rehabilitation techniques within Physical Therapy and Chiropractic. Some of us spend more time in Chiropractic and Rehab, some more time within Neurology and some in childhood treatments in Neurology. This allows for us to adequately direct each patient to the appropriate provider whether you are in need of classical Chiropractic care for neck and back pain, or you are more of a Neurological patient, whether adult or child.
We often combine treatments to fully restore individuals to normal, which is a trademark of our success, incorporating many therapies to your care to fully restore you to health in a fast and effective manner. Our goal is to give you long-lasting results in as short a time as possible. 
Some of the neurological conditions commonly treated are migraines, vertigo/dizziness, spatial disorientation, ataxia/off-balance, concussions/post-concussion syndrome and mild traumatic brain injury, radiculitis/neuritis (numbness/tingling), disc herniation/bulge, sciatica, facial pain, movement disorders/tremoring/cervical dystonia, TMJ dysfunction/pain, trigeminal neuralgia.