What causes Vertigo, Imbalance and Dizziness?

April 11, 2015

The answer is both extremely complicated and simple at the same time. How does that occur? Well, In order to understand simplicity, you must first understand complexity. That is the case with Vertigo, Imbalance (spatial disorientation) and Dizziness. They are so common within our population that it is unnerving (no pun intended), yet with advancements in...

The Anterior Canal: Vertigo Has a New Player

February 7, 2015

Think about what you do all day. If you are like many of us in the American culture you probably thought about texting, watching television, sitting at work, computer usage, some exercise and a myriad of other activities that you do throughout the day. There is a common theme among most of us, we're in chronic flexion, or head forward/down position. Well,...
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