Elbow Tendinitis

Symptoms by body part:

Anti-Brachial region (Lower-Arm)
Chronic Pain
Reduction in Range of Motion
worsens with movement

Elbow tendinitis also known as “golfer’s elbow” or “tennis elbow” depending on the muscle/tendon group affected, is the result of an overuse injury to the upper extremity at the elbow. Often times this type of injury is not simply the result of a muscle/tendon issue but also a biomechanical change in the upper extremity and/or shoulder girdle (which includes the upper thoracic spine/rib articulations, and upper extremity).

What causes elbow tendinitis?

This is usually due to a combination of factors which includes changes in biomechanics of the elbow, wrist, shoulder girdle as well as excessive recruitment of the flexor or extensor muscles which originate at the elbow. Every muscle and tendon has a fascial sheath that overlays it, which the muscle/tendon glides under, when there is injury the fascial layer and tendon/muscle fibers begin to interdigitate and form adhesions which feel like a really tight, fibrous band in the area, and causes pain especially with movement. In addition, just as with any area of injury, inflammation sets in, which also contributes to the pain.

Common Signs/Symptoms:

  • Sharp or aching pain in the outer or inner parts of the elbow
  • Weakness in forearm extensors or flexors
  • Numbness or Tingling in the arm and/or hand
  • Shoulder blade or upper back pain on affected side
  • Shoulder pain on affected side
  • Neck pain on affected side
  • Internal rotation of shoulder (postural changes)
  • Wrist pain on affected side
  • Pain with extended usage

How do we treat it?

Once we determine the source of your symptoms we then design a treatment plan which focuses on addressing the joints and muscles that are affected.  Treatment usually consists of chiropractic adjustments to increase motion in the affected joints, neuromuscular re-education, myofascial mobilization techniques, electrical muscle stimulation, cold laser thereapy, home stretches and strengthening exercises.