Neck Pain

Symptoms by body part:

Cervical Paraspinal (Side of Neck)
Acute Pain
Cervical Spine (Central-Neck)
Dull pain
Reduction in Range of Motion

Neck pain is a common symptom experienced by many of us at least once in our lifetime. Many causes of neck pain are related to work ergonomics, computer usage, texting, auto accidents (whiplash), concussions, sports injury, normal wear and tear, sleep and deconditioning. There are other causes, but these are some of the most common reasons for neck pain. This can lead to shoulder injuries, upper back/shoulder blade discomfort, headaches, tinnitus, balance and vertigo issues, cognitive changes, poor posture and generalized dysfunction if not properly taken care of. As you can see, the cervical spine, which comprises the neck, is an extremely important region to maintain normal health. 

Most commonly, neck pain is caused by facet imbrication, which are the smaller joints at the posterior portion of the spine that can become subluxated, or fixated, restricting normal joint movement. This is often noticed by reduced range of motion during flexion/extension or rotation of the neck. This can be exacerbated by poor posture and work ergonomics, often tightening muscles of the neck as it works to stablize and often compensate for the joint dysfunction. Other causes can be disc related, yet much less common than the lumbar region, tumor, upper thoracic sclerotogenous pain referral and muscle strain. 

Chiropractic Neurology works to accurately diagnose the cause of the issue. Once this has been determined, a careful treatment plan that consists of chiropractic care, neurological rehab, cervical decompression therapy, strengthening, stretching, muscle stimulation, cold laser therapy and at home exercises are utilized to resolve the issue. We are able to treat the origin, or cause of your injury so that it is less likely to return and you can experience full resolution of your symptoms. Much of the neck pain we treat is chronic, but acute injuries are also common and easily treatable. 

At Portland Chiropractic Neurology, the only Chiroprctic Neurology practice in Maine, located at 959 congress st. in Portland, you are sure to receive the highest quality care for your spinal pain. You cannot separate joint and muscle from neurology as they are all part of the same biomechanical system. A full understanding of this is paramount to your health.