Non-epileptic Seizures

These are episodic, parodyxsmal events that lead to abnormal responses in behavior or brain activity that are not related to seizure activity. Individuals often have internal sensations that resemble epileptiform seizures. They differ from epileptic seizures in that they do not respond to medication, they change over time, maintain normal EEG findings, only occur in wakeful states and do not include uncontrollable thrashing of all four limbs

What can we do to help?

Conventional medication and treatments do not work for this condition as it is a functional disruption of signaling, which his exactly what Functional Neurology is centered around. By locating the disruptions in signaling, we can then locate the areas of the brain affected, often noticing Trans Neural Degeneration, or chronic sub-activation causing spikes in nerve potentials leading to abnormal activities. Many individuals notice abnormal lid and eye movements, shakiness, gait and balance disturbance, cognitive changes and many more.

Diagnostic Procedure

Videonystagmography (VNG) is essential to measuring function in different regions of the brain. A thorough Functional Neurological evaluation is very important to connect all the pieces of the puzzle. Treatment is then determined once the specific regions affected have been diagnosed.