Neck, Back, Hip, Arm and Leg Pain

Hypomobility, or loss of flexibilty and motion is the most common cause of pain. This happens through joint, muscle or disc injury through long-term chronic changes or injury. Hilton's Law states that the nerves innervate the joint and the muscles around that joint. This implies that in most conditions, the nerve, joint and muscle are involved, requiring comprehensive treatment to effect all corresponding tissue. Pain occurs when mobility decreases as movement (type A/B nerve fibers) inhibits pain through collateral inhibitory nerve projections to Type-C nerve fibers as explained by Melzack and Wall's Pain-Gate Theory. A mobile spine, joint and muscle is a healthy spine and body. This gives proper information to the brain, allowing for normal coordination and control over muscle and core stabilization. 

Chiropractic Neurology utilizes Specific Chiropracic Neurological Adjustments to improve mobilization of the joint, Physical Rehab to restore muscle activity, Disc Decompression therapy to restore proper disc function and Neurological Rehab to retrain peripheral and central nerve structures involved.