Preventative Care

What is preventative care? 

Many individuals choose to receive regular check-ups and treatments, staying proactive, rather than reactive.  It takes much less effort to maintain health than it does to achieve it.  Many are able to decrease medication usage, improve diet and nutrition, improve brain function, prevent injury and reduce chronic pain when we make health a priority. 

Chiropractic Neurology is able to provide patients with this opportunity as we focus our care on the brain and nervous system.  We are able to diagnose and treat by creating specific therapies to enhance the performance of your brain and nervous system.  A very healthy way to accomplish this is by maintaining healthy motion and posture in the spine, as it is responsible for 90% of our brain’s activation.  A healthy spine equals a healthy mind. 

How does our spine become unhealthy?  Stress, injury, postural strain, poor sleeping patterns, inactivity, old injuries, poor nutrition, post-surgical compensations and many others can lead to restricted motion, muscle tension, inflammation and osteoarthritis to specific regions of our spine and ribs, known as the axial skeleton.  In our practice, we find that regular treatments every one to six months greatly improve patient’s health and well-being as we locate the restricted areas of the spine and improve them through chiropractic neurological care.  This frees up obstruction within the nervous system and allows normal flow of information and activation that are necessary for optimal health.

The nervous system controls virtually every cell in the human body, so get to the source and keep your spine healthy through Chiropractic Neurology.