Nutrition, Brain Function and Overall Health

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July 2, 2013

Proper nutrition is vital to the health of every cell in our body from skin, to bone, to intestinal, to brain cells, as well as the formation of every single neurotransmitter which are essential to the function of all of our systems. 

Our world today is full of conditions that, along with several other contributing factors, are the result of food that we eat, the supplementation that we get, as well as the ability of our body to absorb and utilize these items appropriately.  Our country in particular is riddled with such conditions that all have a root in nutrition and brain function , such as allergies, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and countless others.  And there is a definite link to the increase in these conditions and the increase in processed foods, gluten binders, food additives, dyes, mass produced food items, altered grains, readily available grain-fed animal products rather than grass-fed (such as cows, pigs, etc.), dairy consumption.  In addition, as a result of these changes in our food products, many people have developed sensitivities to foods without even realizing it.

Seemingly common symptoms experienced by many Americans that are often written off as simply being due to stress or aging, are in fact typically early signs of decreased brain function and inappropriate nutritional states.  When these are detected early enough via a thorough Functional Neurologic exam, it is possible to prevent more advanced, sometimes irreversible, conditions and restore normal function throughout the body.