Bilateral Arm Tingling: The Upper Thoracic Component

June 4, 2020

We see a tremendous amount of patients who have upper extremity tingling, pain or numbness. This may originate from a cervical root impingement related to disc herniation or bulge, hypertonicity or spasming of muscles in the scapular (shoulder blade)/rotator cuff region with associated costovertebral (rib/spine articulation) joint fixation. These are all...

A simple way to understand how mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy heals injured tissue

June 3, 2020

Under Hyperbaric Therapy (HBO2), Oxygen, which is a much smaller molecule than a Red Blood Cell (RBC), is pulled from the larger RBC, which is carrying the oxygen molecules to tissues via hemoglobin. RBC's are the vehicle transport for all oxygen within our body. After extraction, it is now concentrated within the surrounding plasma. This allows the smaller...

Trigger points: a more effective treatment

February 20, 2016

Trigger points are most effectively retrained by shortening and lengthening the muscle along its contractile elements with simultaneous myofascial release, known as Active Release Technique. If you're a patient in our office, this is when you are moving a body part and it feels as if we're digging our thumbs into you. This resets the neurological patterns...