How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy speed up healing?

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October 29, 2021

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy supercharges healing by increasing the amount of circulating oxygen in our bloodstream. It is a safe and simple application, however the healing it stimulates in our cells is miraculous. 

Typically oxygen is carried by Red Blood Cells, but there is a maximum they can carry at one time. I like to picture a wheelbarrow filled with oxgyen that is being pushed by a little worker Red Blood Cell. This wheelbarrow can't handle any more than its capacity, or they will spill over the side. We only have so many RBC's, so once they're filled up, the amount of oxygen we can deliver in our wheelbarrows is at its max!

When we use hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the pressure from the healing chambers pushes more oxygen into our blood stream. Here's the difference, we don't need RBC's to carry these oxygen molecules, they dissolve direclty into the fluid of our blood and float around there in extremely high concentrations that allow for more oxygen available to our cells. It also pushes the oxygen in deeper to our tissues, providing a greater reach for our circulation. 

Oxygen = energy for our cells = healing. 

Fill up your wheelbarrow with hyperbaric oxygen therapy!