A simple way to understand how mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy heals injured tissue

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June 3, 2020

Under Hyperbaric Therapy (HBO2), Oxygen, which is a much smaller molecule than a Red Blood Cell (RBC), is pulled from the larger RBC, which is carrying the oxygen molecules to tissues via hemoglobin. RBC's are the vehicle transport for all oxygen within our body. After extraction, it is now concentrated within the surrounding plasma. This allows the smaller Oxygen molecules to easily permeate, or cross barriers between blood and injured tissue, allowing Oxygen to saturate the areas involved and allow healing to occur.  

This transference from the RBC to the plasma is important because injury creates inflammation, which is a barrier that limits the ability of red blood cells to penetrate as it is very thick and compressed, leaving little room for larger RBC’s to deliver vital oxygen for healing. However, when we undergo Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the smaller O2 molecules are forced from the RBC into the plasma and can permeate through the inflammation and saturate the injured region, traveling 400% deeper into the tissue. Oxygen not only heals the injured body part, but also decreases inflammation, returning tissue physiology to normal function. 


Key Points:

  1. The most important aspect to understand is that oxygen is a small molecule and Red Blood Cells are much larger. 
  2. Red Blood Cells carry oxygen to all tissues, especially when injured. 
  3. Red Blood Cells cannot deliver oxygen very well to tissue when there is inflammation creating a barrier, preventing oxygen delivery to injured tissue. Imagine the RBC’s bouncing off the inflammation layer. 
  4. Hyperbaric Therapy pulls smaller oxygen molecules out of the larger RBC’s into the plasma
  5. The smaller oxygen molecules penetrate the inflammation barrier and saturate the tissue, along with the inflammation with oxygen and force healing
  6. Hyperbaric Therapy pushes oxygen molecules 400% deeper into tissue than typical response. 
  7. Oxygen heals all tissue and eats away inflammation
  8. Once the inflammation layer is reduced, RBC’s can now penetrate the tissue and undergo normal physiological healing. 
  9. This is extremely important in Injury, Burns, Post-surgical, Diabetics, Lyme, Brain Injury/Concussion, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism/ADHD/Learning disabilities, Stroke, Other Neurological Conditions, Hypoxic injuries, Sleep Apnea and the list continues.
  10. The more oxygen we have in our body, the more energy we produce.